I wonder…

Lately I’ve been wondering about the deeper meaning of life. I mean, what if this is all there is?

I read this earlier today:

“If I see God in everything, He will calm and color everything I see! Perhaps the circumstances causing my sorrows will not be removed and my situation will remain the same, but if Christ is brought into my grief and gloom as my Lord and Master, He will “surround me with songs of deliverance” (Psalm 32:7).”

Now, I have to start by saying that I do try to see God in everything, but I’m not really sure about that “calm and color everything I see” stuff. When I live with yet another migraine (and this current one has lasted almost all week), hear about helpless hurting children, view photos depicting yet another flood or earthquake, read about another tax hike-pay cut-employee cutback-home foreclosure, or simply stand by the side of a close friend struggling just to make ends meet, I ask myself again: what is life really all about? Are we simply here to suffer through life’s challenges and then die? Or is there something more?

We all have a yearning to know the reasons behind our circumstances–that desire to justify the bad things that happen to us. If we seek to do what is right, help others who are in need, and are very careful to not hurt anyone or anything, why must we still suffer?

I don’t have the answers, although I know Who does. Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. Sometimes from the way I see things is that we won’t have all the answers but see a fraction of something that is part of our prayers and purpose to our everyday life in general, health issues, the world’s issues and yet it is so vast to all of us but it is a simple fraction to GOD. For this makes me want to “reach” out and grab what is out there now and hold on to it! (with a small hope) would lead me right to GOD’s right side without having to go through life now just more in a fast forward! That is why I have started to where ever I am… If I see something that hits my heart/feelings/soul I would start a silence prayer. Something that got me started is that in order to spread the word around or to reach out in life’s general gotta start a prayer and plant the seed of my faith! For this the world needs this so badly in order to live according to GOD’s words and life that HE has for us. Just maybe our life purposes will be answered while we are here teaching and servicing the work for GOD.


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