Migraine Life in the High Country

See this photo? This is the way my migraines make me feel.

Once again I woke up with a killer migraine. No real surprise since I went to bed with the same one last night. In fact, I can’t recall a day without a migraine except for when I went to Phoenix a couple of weeks ago to visit my children. My head really likes the lower altitude down there but my heart loves the high country.

I didn’t know until we moved up here that my body does not like the mountain elevations, so for the past 7 years, my doctor and I have struggled to find a medication or treatment that will conquer these migraines. Between bad side effects (which were worse than the actual migraine) or the medication just not working for me, I am now relying on Excedrin Migraine and Alka-Seltzer at times when the nausea grips unrelentingly, like last night. These provide temporary relief, but when faced with a situation like mine you finally come to the realization that relief is relief, even if it is temporary! I start my day with a migraine and the OTC meds generally kick in mid-morning, so I have about 4 to 6 hours of relief before the barometric pressure changes at sunset and the migraine haunts my evening hours.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining or whining, just stating the facts. My doctor finally told me that apparently my body has never acclimated to the high altitude here. Ya think?

But don’t feel sorry or sad for me. What I may have lost physically God has more than blessed me with spiritually:

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God;my hope comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.” (Psalm 62:5-6)

I think this boils down to a statement I’ve seen before which says:

When you’re down, look up!

Dear friends, think on this: if life was perfect here on earth, would we ever long for heaven?

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