Sweet Saturday

Sweet Saturday

Are you having a “Sweet Saturday”? The “sweet” in my “Sweet Saturday” designation is more about having a day off from the usual Monday through Friday workweek, whether that means running errands or just enjoying a lazy day. And each Saturday will probably be a little different depending on what’s going on in your life that week, so make it yours in whatever way works for you!

Today it’s all about cooking for me. It’s been snowing all morning which makes it a great day for cooking! I had some leftover baked potatoes from earlier in the week and found the greatest recipe online for a baked potato soup. I tweaked it a bit because I didn’t have the celery, American cheese or green onion called for, and it still turned out great! Even Rick, who isn’t a great fan of potatoes — unless they’re his favorite potato pancakes — loved it.

The recipe is called Bacon and Baked Potato Soup and comes from Recipe.com.  I changed the American cheese to shredded Cheddar, and since the green onion is just to top each serving, I didn’t feel bad leaving it out. And I’m not a big fan of topping soups with sour cream, so I left that out too. The recipe also called for half & half, light cream or milk so I used equal amounts of half & half and milk.

This recipe made enough for a couple more lunches, so that part made me happy. I’m a big fan of cooking once to serve several times. It saves time and energy, which in my life makes a huge difference because it keeps me from standing up too long at any given time.

Oh, and I did peel my potatoes because Rick likes them better that way, but as the recipe says, that is optional.


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