We love…

Today is another Wonderful Wednesday and I can’t help thinking that Christmas is right around the corner. This led me to reflect on the great love God has for us. I mean, think of it: He sent His Son to live as a human man who experienced everything we do so that He can truly understand us and our fears and anxieties.

This is amazing if you really stop and ponder it:

  • Jesus the baby, crying when He was hungry
  • Jesus the young boy, playing with simple, handmade wooden toys
  • Jesus the teenager, helping with his family to help Mary and Joseph
  • Jesus the  young man, working to help support the family
  • Jesus the grown man, preaching and teaching how to be saved
and finally,
  • Jesus the Savior, who performed the most selfless act in history when He died for our sins and rose again on the third day—all because of His great love for us.

“We love because

he first loved us.” 

—1 John 4:19

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