This is actually a Tuesday thing but I haven’t had a chance to post about it until now. So that’s why it’s a Wonderful Wednesday topic.

Yesterday was Ladies’ Day Out in my little corner of the world and oh, was it ever fun! My ladies and I spent several hours shopping, eating and yakking. It has been awhile since we’ve done this and we all agreed that we need to do this on a more regular basis.

Most of the fam in Tombstone, 2010...

It’s not that we spent a lot of money or bought tons of “stuff.” It was the fact that we were all together, laughing and giggling at anything and everything. As a “family” we do see each other every week or so when we gather on Thursday mornings for coffee at one of our houses—those that are able to make it, that is. Life often happens by way of doctor’s appointments, illness and/or pain issues, but we all try our best to make it to as many of these coffee times as possible.

But this ladies time was… well, it fed our need for that close female bonding time. It filled us up with even more love for each other—if that is even possible!—and the reconnecting was good for our hearts.

What a wonderful thing…to be able to share your hopes, dreams and concerns with girlfriends who understand. Girlfriends who have a knack for knowing what to say to cheer you up, or when to say nothing but in the silence let you know they care. Girlfriends who love you for who you are, warts and all.

How about you?

So, let me ask the ladies out there. How do you keep your friendships alive? What fun things do you do together and how often do you manage to meet?