Free Crochet Patterns

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for several days on here but winter storm fronts have initiated a migraine that lasted days and days. When the front finally passed through, I began to feel better but yesterday things kicked up again. I have a really hard time writing when I’m in the middle of a nauseous migraine.

And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: migraine is not all in your head, it involves the entire body!

Without going into too much detail, my migraines have everything to do with living at a high elevation plus falling barometric pressure. The combination is lethal to my bod or, as my doctor says, “your body has never learned to adjust to living at high altitude.” I’ve tried many Rx meds to try to get a handle on this but am stuck having to rely on OTC meds such as Excedrin and Aleve.

Okay, so much for that.

Today I’d like to share some sites where you can score free crochet patterns. Here are my top 5 sites (in no particular order) where I snag free crochet patterns:

  1. Lion Brand Yarn
  2. Red Heart Yarn
  3. Maggie’s Crochet
  4. Crochet Pattern Central
  5. All Free Crochet

So, there they are! Don’t you just love saving money?

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