A Little Bit of Wonderful

Way back in 2002, I had a book published which is titled A Little Bit of Wonderful. Ever since I was a little girl I loved writing stories and finally had the chance to actually write a fiction book. Unfortunately I pushed myself ahead of God’s timing for this venture and took the first publishing offer that came along.

In fact, what happened was that it was more of a self-publishing effort than anything else. I don’t want to get into a big discussion about the good versus bad of POD (Publishing On Demand) or self publishing, because that’s not what this is about. I’m just here to say that no matter what type of writing you feel called to, please make sure it’s in God’s plan for you.

I have learned the long and hard way—through lots of prayer and time away from writing—that God wants me to use the writing talent He has given me to write devotionals. And since then, He has also blessed me with this blog and a Facebook page filled with friends and family. I continue to rest my writing in His hands and try my best to write and share His faith, mercy, grace and love for His glory alone.

Having said all that, I noticed that I still have a few copies of A Little Bit of Wonderful in my bookcase. So I’d love to give two copies away to the first two people who comment on this post.

The catch?

Please share the “little bit of wonderful” in your life, no matter what that is or means to you!

Here’s a little glimpse into the book:

Sarah Hogan is stunned and angry when Jonathan asks for a divorce after almost twenty years of marriage. How will she support herself and the children? What else is she trained to do?

Jonathan laughs at Sarah’s decision to start a catering business, but Sarah finds support in her next-door neighbor and best friend, Joan Anderson. When Sarah’s heavy use of sleeping pills is discovered, Joan confronts her, then helps her through the withdrawal period.

Sarah’s casual relationship with Jeff Matthews slowly develops into something very special. Everyone is elated about Sarah and Jeff’s engagement except for fifteen-year-old Paul. After he runs away from home, Paul finally realizes that Jeff cares more about their family than does Jonathan, his own father.

Wedding plans proceed smoothly during a very hectic holiday season, until a horrendous auto accident leaves Sarah badly injured. It is during her hospital stay that Sarah finally understands that only through faith and trust in God will she have the strength to get through each day.

One more thing. Even though I got ahead of God’s timing to get this book published, He used it to help me order my life in preparation to meet my husband, Rick. Which just goes to prove something a good friend share with me years ago:

God wastes nothing!

In a future post I’ll share how God used A Little Bit of Wonderful in my life and in my future relationship with Rick. In the meantime, don’t forget to share your bit of wonderfulness with us!

2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Wonderful

  1. Anna is being modest, her book is good. How it parallels her later life I’ll let her share when she is ready. True God not only wastes nothing, but what we waste or mess up, God promises in Rom. 8:28-29 to use for our good. What a glorious promise. Anna has been a wonderful friend in my life, Even if we don’t see or speak for months, the next time is like they evaporate. Never have I had a friend like her.
    Donna Baker, PS. don’t send me the book, give it to others as I have one.


    • Donna, you sweetie! You soooo encourage me, and on a nasty migraine day like today your words are so soothing.

      I love you, dear friend!

      P.S. By the way, friends, Donna is the one who once told me “GOD WASTES NOTHING”! Plus, she is the very first person to ever read “A Little Bit of Wonderful.”


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