Spring Mishmash


Today is the last Monday in April and coincidentally the last day of my Spring image selections. So on this Mishmash Monday, I present to you a mishmash of Spring flower images. Enjoy!

Crochet Sweetness


I came across this pattern for a sweet crochet bouquet while browsing one of my favorite crochet pattern sites, Lily SugarnCream. Their cotton yarns are wonderful to work with and come in a variety of yummy colors.

I think this bouquet is so sweet and cute that I might just make it myself! Unless I buy flowers at the grocery store (which my frugal self only does a couple of times a year), the vases in my home are filled with silk flowers because I no longer have the urge for a flower garden. And even if I did still garden, I have a notorious “brown” thumb, so it’s better that I stick with silk.

So, please check out this pattern and take the time to browse the site for more ideas at Lily SugarnCream. For you knitters, they also have many knitting patterns!

Fun Frugal Door Decor


Is this the cutest way to announce Spring to your guests or what? On this Frugal Friday I want to share a great Spring craft I found from a link at one of my favorite frugal sites, Frugal Girls. It’s so easy to make and a sweet way to announce Spring.

The link at Frugal Girls led me to Crafty Lam, another site full of cute, easy and frugal crafts. Click here for the directions to making this great door decoration.

You scrapbookers out there probably have almost all of the materials and equipment already, but those of us who aren’t into scrapbooking can easily improvise with what we have on hand. After all, isn’t that one of the great things about the frugal life?

Cyber Woes

I rarely post twice on the same day but I feel that my readers and followers need to know that I have been dealing with some serious cyber stuff. I don’t want to go into much detail except to say that one of my contact lists was hacked.

If you receive a notice of a blog posting that is apparently from me—but contains a link to another site such as a get rich quick scheme—this is not from me! Please delete these bogus emails right away without clicking on the link.

I am so sorry if you’ve been part of this horrendous attack on me. I have been working to delete certain accounts and email addresses, but that may not be enough so I am still working to get it all sorted out.

All I can say is that it has been proven over and over again that those in the business of doing God’s work are often subjected to attacks from the evil one, or from those intent on doing his business. I have given this whole thing over to the Lord to handle—palms down—and I believe without a doubt that things will be straightened up very soon.

Thank you for your patience with me and my blog during this time!

Trusting Your Heart


Welcome to this week’s Treasure Tuesday!

The Lord has given me several life verses, but this was the first and is probably the dearest to my heart. Why? Because it was one of the reasons Rick and I started talking online. He cited this passage on his profile because he loves this verse too!