Old is New Again


I am enjoying my repurposing adventure so far this year. I love taking things and using them for something else.

On this Frugal Friday I’d like to share with you a portion of a recent e-newsletter from Real Simple. In an article titled9 Stain-Fighting New Uses they take common things around the house, such as lemon peel, baby powder and baby wipes, and show us how to use them in totally different ways.

Case in point. One of the money-saving ideas is pictured above: using a colander as a laundry aid. Here’s what they say about that:

Hand-launder delicates. A colander shields them from any residue in the sink that can harm the fabric, such as peroxide from toothpaste or caustic agents from cleansers.

Do they know me or what? You better believe I was interested in reading more. The article on Real Simple’s site is called “New Uses for Old Things” and you can find it here.