Sweet Songs

“By day the LORD directs his love,

at night His song is with me

—a prayer to the God of my life.”

—Psalm 42:8

Have you ever had a song run through your mind during the day when you least expect it? Has it ever awakened you at night?

That’s what often happens to me. I shift positions during the night and a sweet song of praise is running through my mind and heart. Or I’m doing the laundry or the dishes and find myself humming a praise song.

God’s presence is like that praise song that runs through my mind: soft, soothing, sweet and always available to comfort and guide me.

Get this: He knows everything about me and still loves and cares for me.

It used to annoy me when a song would haunt my mind. Now I hang on to every word and melody that slides around my brain because I finally understand that this is really a prayer of praise to my God. How can I resent it when it helps me focus more fully on Him?

These days I long for God’s musical prayers to fill my mind, especially during times when I have too much to do and not enough energy. Or when I’m driving somewhere. Or even when I’m just sitting on my patio and contemplating the wonder of God’s creation in the nearby mountains.

When those sweet-sounding praises fill my mind, I know for sure God is right here with me, surrounding me with His love and presence.

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