Thankful for God

“Therefore I will look to the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation; My God will hear me.” —Micah 7:7

Micah was one man who not only showed great personal faith in God, but who also had enormous faith that God would bring His people through the tough times. His faith portrayed a great confidence that God would not abandon His people or give them over to the enemy.

This is a faith we can share with Micah today.

Years ago when we lived in California, Marge was our next-door neighbor. She was in her mid-70’s and couldn’t see or hear well at all. Unless you were almost on top of her, she could not see or hear who was calling her name. And if you weren’t close enough for her to read your lips, you might as well be talking to yourself.

But Marge possessed a great sense of humor that got her through those tough times. She regularly laughed at her inability to see or hear well, and accepted her situation without murmuring. She had trouble reading without the aid of a magnifying glass and mostly just listened to her TV unless she pulled a chair up close to the screen. Sometimes she would sweep her sidewalk just to stave off boredom. But she always held on to her keen sense of humor.

Isn’t humor wonderful?

I’m so thankful God gives us this way of looking at ourselves and our problems, because humor can help diffuse stressful feelings about our own frustrating situations. How many times are we so concentrated on our problems that we lose sight of the Lord? When that happens, we give ourselves over to satan, our ultimate enemy. He longs for us to get discouraged and grumble to God about our circumstances.

Don’t give him the satisfaction! Hold on to your faith in God, be thankful for what you do have… and don’t forget to air out that sense of humor about yourself.

Marge may not have been able to see or hear very well, but she had the confidence that God could see and hear her just as she was. She was one gal who knew the meaning of using what you’ve got. Just because she had impaired vision and hearing difficulties didn’t mean she was not able to make a great lemon meringue pie! And Rick and I were the blessed recipients of the extras she would purposely make to bring over to us.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, it’s so hard sometimes to be patient in our trials. Please help us remember that You’re always there waiting for us and that You always hear our cries. Thank you for being the God of our salvation. Amen.