Frugal Clock Decorating


Today’s Frugal Friday offering is courtesy of my daughter. I bought two of these plain pink wall clocks on a clearance sale at Bed Bath & Beyond last year for $1.99 each. Both Kathy and I love pink so I gave her one of the clocks and hoped she would like it as much as I did.

Kathy is wonderful at decorating and has the gift of visualizing things as they could be. And then she does what it takes to turn the could-be into a special and cute reality. She already had some of these embellishments and spent about $3.00 for the rest. Isn’t the final result the cutest thing?

I simply saw a pink clock but Kathy saw the potential in the plain clock and with a few pink and girly details, made it her own without spending much.

Thanks, Kathy, for allowing me to share this here so others could see how simple it is to prettify a plain utilitarian clock into a visually appealing piece of art.