DIY Mason Jar Frog Lids


On this Frugal Friday, I want to share a really easy, frugal and great DIY crafty thingy project with you. Can you tell my brain doesn’t want to work well right now?

I came across a great site, Smashed Peas and Carrots, and found the tutorial for this cool and easy project for mason jar frog lids. Maggie from SPandC shows in great detail everything you’ll need to make these lids plus step-by-step instructions for assembling them.

So, go check this easy and frugal DIY project for yourself!

2 thoughts on “DIY Mason Jar Frog Lids

  1. Well now, how cute is THAT?? And easy! Gosh I’m glad for all these crafty moms who blog and share their tips. I missed the “crafty” gene!
    Love the new background, Anna!!


    • Susan, this IS a cute DIY project for sure! I also missed the crafty gene which is why I rely on my daughter Kathy and other artistic and crafty people in my life. Oh, and thanks for the comment on my new background. I kept trying and discarding others I found but this retro look is really me especially since it has lots of pink in it!


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