A Short Hiatus

I know, it’s Monday and you expected a Mishmash Monday post. The truth is that I need a bit of a break from posting in order to finish getting ready for my Dad’s visit tomorrow. He’ll be here for a little over a week. I’m really looking forward to his visit but I know from past experience that I’ll be worn out from all the activity when he goes back home. Therefore, in the interests of my health, I’ve decided to take a short hiatus from posting for the rest of this month.

Oh, you will still see a daily post but each one is a simple image illustrating a Bible passage, and I made them up and scheduled them way ahead of time.

I love connecting with all of you on a daily basis and will miss being here every day but—to paraphrase a popular cell phone ringback tone—please enjoy the images and verses while you’re waiting for me. Here’s the first of those promised Bible verses.

13 thoughts on “A Short Hiatus

  1. Anna, I’m so happy you can spend time with your father. I know you will have a great time. Please take care of yourself and try to rest. Love you!


    • Thanks Lynn! I spoke with him last night and he is more than ready for his “great adventure.” He will be 85 soon and still loves to travel by air, bless his heart. He and I are both looking forward to this time together!


    • Amen to all that Susan! Dad loves to be busy so we have lots of things planned to keep him from being bored. Like you said, times like these are precious, especially at his age…


  2. Good deal! I’m so excitted to hear your Dad is coming for a visit. Wonderful news! Any daily committment needs hiatus time and with your health issues, you should definitely have them. Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf.


  3. Good for you! Enjoy this time with your dad. Just want to say that I love this verse and use it daily, 😉 along with Phil. 4:13, my life verse. Thank you. I look forward to each new verse you post.


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