Faith and Trust, Part 2

Cleave to Jesus

Last week I shared with you the need to cut back on my computer time. You can read about it here.

I’m so thankful for a certain dear bloggy friend (you know who you are…) who is fasting from her computer on the weekends. God used her innocent comment about that—plus my hubby’s concern for all my computer time—to speak to me about HIS management of my time.

So I’ve been praying and contemplating what God’s plans are for my writing and online time, which includes devotional writing, emails, this blog, and my Facebook and Twitter pages. I don’t know about you, but I tend to follow what I call rabbit trails as I go through my emails, and that often translates into hours!

I’m still not positive as to how God has this all worked out, but I’m consciously keeping tuned in to Him to lead me. For now, I’m thinking I’ll write full posts twice per week and post an illustrated Scripture image or the like on Saturdays. Like I’ve said before, it’s easy to make up a quick image post ahead of time and schedule it to be posted on a future date. That means I’ll spend less time on this computer on the weekends.

I used to be the ultimate list maker because I got a lot of satisfaction out of checking off the items on my list as I finished each one. In the past, I’ve tried making daily schedules but never could stick to them.

So let me ask you: how do you work out your online and computer time? Do you keep to a certain schedule? If so, do you schedule not only your computer time but also quiet time with the Lord as well as housework and other chores and errands?


Continuing to lean on the Lord with faith and trust…

6 thoughts on “Faith and Trust, Part 2

  1. 🙂 I think you’re onto a good idea for a posting schedule, Anna. I love the scripture shots too, and one devo is all I can manage for the week. PLUS if you find the “Spirit comes on you in power” (I love that OT phrase!), then you can get really productive and get a week or two ahead! That REALLY helps you relax on the weekends!

    Hugs from one list-maker to another!


  2. Good thinking, as you are fulfilling Matt. 6:33 (my paraphrase) “Seek God, His kingdom and righteousness and all the other things in life you need will also be given to you”.


  3. Age is an asset. I have less to do now than when I was younger and our needs are fewer and more easily acquired. I wake early and spend my time “alone” with my Father. Since it is often a couple of hours before hubby wakes, I often also get a few emails answered and a few replies here.

    I do a little housework every morning, but it doesn’t take much to maintain. After that, I attend to any Church work (mainly designing advertising leaflets etc) and then I can spend time here. I don’t have a set posting schedule, but find the Lord usually lays something on my heart about once a week. I often ‘get behind’ in replying to posts and try to play ‘catch up’ (like now)


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