Blind Faith

Can we really believe what we do not see?

Yes we can, even though as curious humans we always want proof. And what better proof of God’s faithfulness than the Bible accounts of so many Old Testament saints?

To me, true blind faith means not being able to see God or feel Him at work in my life but believing that He is alive and loves me enough to lead me in all things.

Beloved, how about you?

One thought on “Blind Faith

  1. To use an old one – we cannot see the wind, but we see the proof that there is a wind.

    I continually see the proof of God, in His creation, in the lives of others, and most convincingly, in my own life. His abiding presence with me, His work in me, His guidance, His conviction and correction, His enabling, His encouragement and so much more are all proof of Him. I rejoice in the REALITY of knowing Him and of His work in me.

    While there are times when I have to move in faith, not knowing what is ahead, I DO know my God and I DO know He will undertake, so while the steps ahead might be “blind” my way is not: it is secure.

    What an amazing God!


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