My Hair Hurts!

I couldn’t believe it when I found this image at A New Kind of Normal. Jamee lives with multiple chronic illnesses so she understands the sentiment in this image.

I can’t tell you how often I have said that my hair hurts, or have had to change clothes because seams and tags cause extreme itchiness and sometimes even pain. I have cut the tags out of most of my clothing and am thankful for the companies which are now imprinting clothing with the information in lieu of a tag.

These are just a couple of my symptoms of my Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) and Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS). Oh, and let’s not forget the chronic migraines that are liberally sprinkled in with everything else.

Next week is National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week. Please check out the Invisible Disabilities site to find out more about what’s going on next week, or just to learn more about chronic illnesses that seem invisible to others but are very real to those of us who struggle with one or multiple of these illnesses every single day.

Apparently this flareup I’ve been going through has affected me more than I realized because I thought I had already composed this post and scheduled it for today but I had only started it, typing in only a few lines before laying it aside several weeks ago. But that’s the way my body works in these “new normal” days. As I type this, I am struggling for each word so I guess it’s time to stop typing and publish this.

Before I go, though, I want to keep it real by saying that throughout my many struggles with these chronic illnesses, I have many days where despair threatens to take over. Sometimes it does. But most times I can think clearly enough to remember that I have a Hope that doesn’t quit and never fails me:

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. —Isaiah 40:31

Beloved, no matter what you’re going through, hold on tight to that Hope! One day all pain and suffering will be erased for those who believe in the mighty and saving power of the Hope of the world: our Lord Jesus Christ! Those who trust in His saving grace will be able to live pain-free for eternity. The physical pain we feel now is nothing compared to the extreme joy we will experience in our heavenly homes.

To find out more about the saving power of Jesus Christ, please read this or contact me. I would be so happy to answer your questions!

In His powerful and comforting grip,

12 thoughts on “My Hair Hurts!

  1. Dear Anna. I hate that you have such suffering, and I will continue to lift you up in prayer. You are a wonderful example as you keep your mind and heart focused on the Lord and the eternal hope of wholeness in eternity. God Bless You Dear Sister!


  2. Yeah, Anna, even my teeth and fingernails hurt sometimes. If we ever meet, we’ll give each other gentle hugs! Praying for you today, sweetie! ❤


    • Lynn, my teeth have hurt at times too! Can’t recall my fingernails hurting though… The gentle hugs if we ever meet here on earth will be wonderful, but just think of the REAL hugs we can share in heaven when our bodies are whole again!

      Thanks for your prayers. I pray for you every night, dear friend!

      Love you too…….


  3. Hi Anna, they all sound familiar to me – flares, horrible discolored lesions, itch , fatigue, sleep, sleep, sleep.. They surfaced for the last six months after an absence in forty years . Praise God I’m on the mend as many have prayed and in His mercy and grace I know God answers prayer. I pray His mercy and grace too be upon you Anna . for just like the familiar song goes – it is no secret what God can do, what He’s done for others He can do for you…. what He is doing for me He can do for you. ..Amen…. We believe Christ has provided for healing, it has taken place, it is only when it will be completed, as He has begun a good work in you and me Take the Name of Jesus with you.

    Take the Name of Jesus with you
    Child of sorrow and of pain
    It will joy and comfort give you
    Take it then where’er you go.

    Precious Name, O how sweet
    Hope of earth and joy of heaven
    Precious Name, O how sweet
    Hope of earth and joy of heaven.


    P.S. Thank you for your encouragement on ChristianBlessings.



    • Evelyn, thank you for your encouragement. I know without a shadow of doubt that God could easily heal me…if it is in His will to do so. If not, well, then I trust that He knows what is best for me. Sometimes, such as Paul’s “thorn,” He uses difficult situations in our lives for us or even for others, but always for His glory. Amen!



  4. What a great post, Anna. (I’m way behind on my reading since I went off the cyber grid for a week!) So many with chronic pain and illness suffer in silence. Thanks for sharing your struggle. Your testimony and perseverance is an inspiration, and you really do shine Jesus.


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