Hello, I’m still here!

Funny hello dog

I guess 2013 started without my help but I’m here to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking… somewhat.

The last few months have been more difficult than usual as I have felt myself getting worse and worse. As I shared with you before, I am on a new supplement/med that causes you to feel worse before you start to feel better. Let me just say that, true to past experience with most meds, I not only feel worse…I feel WORSE!

The overwhelming fatigue has been the worst of my symptoms and I struggle to get even one “thing” done each day. Definition of “thing”: laundry, cooking, dusting, washing floors. In other words, taking care of my home and my man, two things I value a lot! Then there is this blog. I woke up this morning and remembered I hadn’t written anything in a couple of weeks, because my brief New Year’s post was written and scheduled about a week ahead of time.


The one thing I have not let go of is my alone time with the Lord but that took some doing. My daughter and I were discussing this very thing in emails earlier today. I used to be able to get up at what I call the crack of dark and sit down in my comfy chaise lounge with a cup of coffee and my Bible. It was the quietest and most serene time of day for me, something I looked forward to. These days, however, my brain does not fully come to life until I’ve been up for at least a couple of hours, and then I am struggling with what “thing” I can accomplish that day. As I prayed before falling asleep each night I would inevitably think Oh no! I missed reading my Bible again today!

A couple of months ago I decided to turn things around. I normally read for awhile before going to sleep at night but now I read my Bible first. And this time, I am reading intentionally. What do I mean by that? Well, I finally realized that I used to rush through my Bible reading so that I could cross it off my mental to-do list. There. Finished. I’ve read through many versions of the Bible over the years but how much have I retained of what I’ve read?

Marked-up Bible

This image is an example of what my own Bible looks like. There are tons of handwritten notes, highlighted and underlined passages, and sticky notes all through my favorite NAS Bible. It was a birthday gift many years ago from Donna and I love the wide margins for all those notes. In spite of the other versions of the Bible I’ve read over the years, this is the one I keep coming back to for everyday reading, the one I always take to church and on trips.

So a couple of months ago, as I got ready to read through my NASB again, I decided to read it in chronological order, something I had never done. There are many web sites with schedules for different Bible reading methods, but I chose Back to the Bible. I copied and pasted the chronological list into a Word file because it is separated by month on the BTTB site, and then printed it out to keep in my Bible for daily reference.

I know there are a lot of you out there who have smart phones and use them to keep up with your Bible reading and I think that’s great. I do have a couple of Bible versions on my Nook Color, but I’m still old school (or should I just say old?) so that I prefer to read the paper version of the Bible—my trusty and beloved NASB—mostly because it’s easier for me to write notes in the margins.

I am so thankful for the Lord’s patience and grace in my life. If there is one thing I can always count on, it is that He is always ready and waiting for me to sit down with Him, read and contemplate His Word, and then talk to Him about it.

Col4-2Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving —Colossians 4:2

Beloved, I’ll be praying for all of us to enjoy a closer relationship with Jesus in 2013…


5 thoughts on “Hello, I’m still here!

  1. YAY, Anna’s back! So sorry to hear you’ve been ailing but glad to know you’re still kicking. Just taking things slow, which is good and healthy.

    Girl, your Bible looks just like mine, although my “old faithful” translation is NIV. I have the smart phone apps, which I love, but there’s nothing like those wafer-thin pages in my fingers. Especially the well-worn ones that don’t stick together 🙂

    Good for you for reading it chronologically! I actually bought a chron Bible a few years ago and it was great. I’m a linear concrete learner, so it was perfect for me. I know the Lord will RICHLY bless this endeavor, no matter what time you read each day.

    Hugs and prayers for you in 2013. I appreciate your friendship!


    • Hey, Susan! Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. I have what I call a semi-smart phone but it’s old and the battery wouldn’t last long enough for me to read anything on it for very long.

      Besides, I also love feeling those pages in my fingers — “especially the well-worn ones that don’t stick together.” You said it, Sister!

      Check out today’s post where I shared pics of my own marked-up Bible because I *finally* took pics of it!

      Love, hugs & prayers!


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  3. I too have a wide margin Bible. It is also a loose-leaf and is literally falling apart, but it is the one I use most. While I might not remember the exact address of some verses, I know it is in (for instance) Colossians and I know it is in the lower section of the left hand column of the right hand page. My wide margins are chockers and I need a new one, but they don’t seem to make them anymore.

    The Word is an essential part of our life, without which we will flounder – and the amazing thinh is that no matter how many times we read the same passage, it is always new. Holy Spirit always has a new message – a new perspective – for us.

    What an incredibly amazing God!


    • I’m like you, Cloudwatcher, about remembering the exact “address” of the verses, but I can often “see” in my mind where they are located in my Bible because I’ll remember a note I made about it in the margin. However, my forgetter kicks in too often these days so I mostly need to thumb through my Bible to find what I know is there! 🙂


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