Difficult and Beautiful


Last year my bloggy friend, Mary Demuth, posted this on her blog site  in a post titled, “Sometimes We Need the Truth.” Here is an excerpt from that post:

My friend Jeanette Morris sent this to me last week, with some trepidation. She worried it would be too scary or harsh.

But I loved the Fourfold Franciscan Blessing by Sister Ruth Fox. Jeanette said her pastor prayed it over the church as they left. It’s hard, but good. Difficult, but beautiful. An oxymoron.

Mary’s right. It is an oxymoron: difficult yet beautiful, and yet I love it. Even though I often fail in that at times I need to make myself pray the hard things in order to grow: in myself, in my relationships with others and especially in my relationship with my Lord Jesus.

Beloved, how about you? Do you believe the beautiful things are worth the difficult path to get there?