Love #21-His Love Endures Forever

Thankful Thursday

harvest be thankful (2)[3]

I know this looks like a Thanksgiving image and it is nowhere near Thanksgiving but I am so thankful for God’s forever kind of love. And since this is another Thankful Thursday, what better way to celebrate God’s eternal, enduring love?

Beloved, have you ever thought about how the ocean is like God? For one thing, when we look toward the horizon, the ocean seems to go on forever. The rising and crashing of the waves keep occurring in a constant and mighty display of God’s power. This is not very surprising, considering the fact that He is the One Who created the oceans in the first place.

Consider some of God’s attributes:

unchangeable … infinite … eternal … omnipresent …

and several names we associate with Him:

everlasting … living … mighty … eternal …

Some of these designations could describe the ocean’s characteristics, but all of them depict a God Who is unchanging and always there for us, no matter what is going on in our lives. All of us have times when we feel like the world is crashing in around us. There are days when we are convinced that no one understands our situation and what we’re going through.

That’s exactly when we need to lean on God and remember that not only does He completely and intimately understand everything we’re going through, but in spite of our failings and limitations, “His love endures forever.”

This should make us all immeasurably thankful!


7 thoughts on “Love #21-His Love Endures Forever

  1. Thank you, Anna. I’m in need of some grace today after some careless words, so I’m thankful for HIS grace but praying I receive it from those I may have hurt.

    Ugghhh does this life EVER get easier?


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