Love #28 – How He Loves Us


As we end this special month of acknowledging the Father’s unending love for us, please watch and listen to this wonderful video, How He Loves Us, by the David Crowder Band.

Beloved, did you find your eyes leaking as you focused on the awesome words? I know mine did—and do—every time I hear it!


4 thoughts on “Love #28 – How He Loves Us

  1. I can’t watch videos with my connection, but I don’t need the lyrics to remind me of the enormity of God’s love for me. He expresses it constantly. I cannot comprehend it, but I rejoice in the REALITY of His love.
    Thanks Anna.


    • Cloudwatcher, thank you for your comment! I am sad to say I never thought of those with dial-up connections, so from now on I will post the lyrics to any song videos I post. Again, thank you for such a sweet way of letting me know!


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