Road Trip!

Tidbit Tuesday

I know this is supposed to be a tidbit of information you may not know about me but if you don’t know this yet, I seem to need a lot of words to describe certain things. So please excuse this slightly l-o-n-g way to share a little tidbit about me. pink_smiley_face_large

Years ago I needed to get away for awhile so I decided that a road trip was in order. I started out in Phoenix and drove north through Las Vegas and up to Lake Tahoe, then decided to drive down California Highway 1—also known as PCH (Pacific Coast Highway)—on my trek homeward. I did not take any photos of that trip for some reason, but I found a couple of images online to give you an idea of my trip.

northern Pacific Coast Highway

The switchbacks in northern California were amazing and probably the second favorite part of my trip (the ocean being the best). I actually wore out a complete set of tires during this drive because that zigzaggy portion of PCH were too tempting for me to drive at a sensible rate of speed!

CA Hwy 1

This was the only time in my life when I took a solo trip. I needed some space and time away from my “normal” life to pray and contemplate several tough things I had gone through the previous year.

When I got to Monterey, I decided to stay a few days to really think things through and spent lots of time on the beach. There is just something about the waves and tide, and the ever-present birds, that instill such a calm and peace.


And that’s my little tidbit for this Tuesday. Oh, let me just add that in spite of the solitude of my journey, it was a very refreshing time for me. God filled back up the empty and hurting places in my heart, and although I don’t think I’d ever care to do this again, it was exactly enough for me at that time.

Do not call to mind the former things,
Or ponder things of the past.
Behold, I will do something new,
Now it will spring forth;
Will you not be aware of it?
I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,
Rivers in the desert. —Isaiah 43:18-19

Beloved, have you ever had the opportunity to get away for a time of refreshment?


3 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. My ‘getting away’ times were before I became a Christian. I spent as little time as possible at ‘home’ (which certainly wasn’t a home). After work I would hop on my motor bike or in the car and drive, drive, drive. At the weekend, straight after work I would drive to Brisbane, a 9-10 hour trip, turn around in the main street and drive back again. (although it was the ‘highway’, in those days it was a winding road and there was still a lot of dirt road. It now takes 4-5 hours. It was safe back then to pull into a rest area to sleep for a couple of hours)

    Driving my car was, to me, the safest place for me. No one could hurt me there. It was the only ‘peace’ I knew, so that is where I spent my time. I still enjoy driving long distances, either on my own or with company.


    • I totally understand, Cloudwatcher. My getaway was to refresh my mind and heart after a series of life events left me muddled and needing to regroup. I was a Christian at that time so God was with me, reminding me through His beautiful creation that He was and always will be with me.


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