Prayers urgently needed! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Sign up to receive emergency notifications

To all my readers who live in Yavapai County, please check this out. It is fast and easy to sign up for this.

YCSO Emergency Notification System

Posted on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 8:09 am at

Residents may sign up to receive notification information from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office by going to their website at  Messages can be received by phone, text or email.


This was the scene last night at a wildfire that is burning very close to where we live. Yesterday, one day after Yavapai County ordered no burning whatsoever up here in northern Arizona, this wildfire broke out in Prescott, which is adjacent to where we live in Chino Valley. The Doce fire (aka Dosie fire) as it is called is about 20 miles to the southeast of us. All afternoon and evening we could clearly see the immense clouds of smoke from our front windows.

Although Rick and I and our neighbors and friends are not in immediate danger, we live in a very windy area. That wind made the fire spread quickly, which caused many mandatory evacuations yesterday. Right now it is very calm outside but the pattern for months has shown that the wind will kick up soon and continue throughout the day. The report this morning is that about 5000 acres have been burned so far.

Please pray for all the firefighters who are trying to contain this fire and for the emergency personnel who have been called to treat any injuries. Also, pray that there are no personal injuries or worse from this fire.

The Red Cross in Prescott has set up a shelter for evacuees, and since this is also horse country, they have also set up a shelter for their horses.

You can read more about the Doce fire and view more photos at:

Thank you for all your prayers! I’ll keep you updated as I learn more.


14 thoughts on “Prayers urgently needed! [UPDATE]

  1. Hey, sweetie! I haven’t checked on you in a while. Forgive me. Praying that the fires are extinguished quickly and everyone is safe. Praying for your area to be safe.

    From His feet, Lynn “Did I not tell you and promise you that if you would believe and rely on Me, you would see the glory of God?” John 11:40 Amp Current blog post: Are You Sonning Yourself?

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    • Hi Lynn! There is nothing to forgive! We are both very busy trying to fit our writing ministries in between our health issues. I completely understand!

      Rick and I are doing fine and are under no threat from the fire right now. We are continuing to monitor the news and what we can see from our front porch, though, because wildfires are exactly that: wild.

      Blessings & love to you!


    • Katie, you sweetie! Thanks for all the prayers! We are doing fine and are praying for all the first responders and those people who are being evacuated. We are in no imminent danger of having to evacuate, so we’re blessed.

      Thank you again!



    • Daryl, thank you for following the Lord’s leading in telling me to go to Psalm 121. I have done so and as I read the lines, I was reminded that I first learned this psalm from a series of cassette tapes where psalms were set to music.

      Again, thank you, Daryl for following the Lord’s leading!



  2. Praying dear sister. We are going through the same here in Colorado, as I am sure you know. Two lives were lost in the Black Forest Fire, yesterday was 85% contained. Royal Gorge, now 100% contained, was saved, although many structures were burned. Two new fires popped up last night; one just south of Denver haven’t heard the status yet. We got the smoke from it last night. Those winds can sure change the direction in the blink of an eye. God Bless You! Anna


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