Ah, coffee!

tidbit tuesday

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve shared a tidbit or two about me, but I’m taking care of that right now.

It is no secret that I’ve always liked coffee. When we were quite young and wanted to have coffee like the grownups, my Mom would make a concoction that was mostly steamed milk with a little coffee in it. My sisters and I, however, felt much more mature when we were having our coffee drink.

I-Need-CoffeeNow it takes a couple of cups to get this motor running. I just am not myself first thing in the morning, mostly because I wake up with a migraine about every single day. Some coffee and Excedrin® usually work within an hour or two, and then I am much better company!

My Dad started drinking his coffee black many years ago and still does. I can recall my Mom watching me doctor my coffee with creamer and sweetener and asking me many times, “So, you still drink it with all that stuff in it?” And I would always reply, “Yes, Mom, I still do. I can’t imagine drinking it black, yuk!”

Fast forward many years and now you’ll find me drinking it black—no cream—because of a dairy allergy. And I don’t even use sugar or a sweetener, because that cup of black coffee somehow doesn’t seem to taste as good that way.

I never, ever, ever, ever… imagined I would not only be drinking my coffee black but enjoying it that way!

7 thoughts on “Ah, coffee!

  1. Ditto for me, when I started drinking coffee at age 16 or 17, I put milk in it because my mom did even though I had hated milk all my life unless it had something else in it, but because I was married and we were poor, I rarely had milk. So, I drank it black. As you know, it wasn’t until I was in my 50’s YOU were the one who pointed out I was allergic to dairy!! Funny!


  2. I like coffee – but even though I like STRONG coffee, it has never given me the ‘lift’ that others talk about, and I can easily go without coffee for days.

    When younger, I drank a lot of tea, but the very first sign I had that I was pregnant, was I couldn’t stand the smell of tea. After the baby was born, I would want my tea again – until the next pregnancy. However, after a miscarriage I could never stand the smell of tea and haven’t had a cup since.

    I can’t imagine drinking ANY drink – tea, coffee or other – black!


    • How funny about tea and your pregnancies! When I was pregnant with my first child, I craved green tea (before that was even popular), but now I can’t stand it. Maybe I just drank too much of it back then. 😉

      Like I said in my post, I never could have predicted that I’d drink my coffee black but then I guess we all adapt if we want something bad enough — and my migraine brain definitely wants that caffeine!


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