Give thanks to the Lord



This may be a little early for Thanksgiving, but it is good to thank the Lord every day for all He has graciously allowed us to have. Sometimes I even thank Him for what He has not allowed in my life because what I want may not be the best for me. And God always, always, always wants the best for us!




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2 thoughts on “Give thanks to the Lord

    • Susan, you and I are on somewhat the same thought process. Although I love your “30 Days of Thankfulness” idea, I have a tendency to let my “want to” get ahead of my energy levels. You know, that old saying “my mind is writing checks that my body can’t cash,” lol.

      That said, my aim is to share Biblical images about thankfulness throughout November but it won’t be daily. Great idea though!

      So thankful for you in my life!


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