Thankful for the Written Word

I love to read. I used to get in trouble for this on a regular basis while I was growing up. I almost always had a book with me. I read at the table during meals—well, at least I tried to until Mom confiscated my book—and read in bed at night until Mom made me turn out the light. I regularly got lost in the stories so it was hard to but a book down and go to sleep. I wanted to see what happened next!

As I got older I loved reading big, thick books. And no, I didn’t read the last few pages first. I wanted to be surprised! Now I’m at the point where my mind doesn’t work as well as it used to, so those thick books would take too long to read.

The photos above are of my trusty old NAS Bible. To me, the Bible is God’s ultimate gift of the written Word. This Bible was given to me years ago for my birthday by a close friend. As you can see, it is filled with my scribbles and highlights, sticky notes and bookmarks. I’ve tried to use other Bibles over the years but keep coming back to this one, where I add even more notes and stickies.


I used to be a regular at the library and couldn’t imagine reading anything but a “real” book. There was just something about turning those pages that made me think I could never like an e-reader. However, a few years ago I changed my mind and Rick gifted me with an e-reader. Now I have hundreds of books in one place. It’s like having my very own library!


I am thankful today and everyday for being able to read the Bible and the myriad of other books available to us. How about you, Beloved?



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