God is Contagious


My good friend, Pat Knight, sent me this the other day and I knew right away I had to share it with you!


God is Contagious

 “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:30).

Many occurrences in life have the capacity for contagion or communicability.  While contagion may designate a negative experience as with the spread of a disease, positive applications are contagious enthusiasm or humor.  An influence that spreads quickly among the populace, as a new philosophy, could also be classified as contagious. The rapid growth of the Nazi movement is a poignant example.

During Jesus’ three years of ministering on earth, He attracted an exceptionally diverse following of people who were captivated by His authority over the elements of nature and the ruling religions of the day.  His followers were equally as attracted to His teachings of grace and forgiveness.  They were fascinated by Jesus’ universal love and mercy.  Jesus accepted everyone–the young, the aged, the infirmed, and the healthy.  He even displayed love for His enemies.  

ContagiousLoveJesus’ love was contagious, attracting crowds wherever He traveled.  In His presence, people felt complete. The crippled, the blind, and the demon-possessed formed unending human lines as they sought His healing powers.  Jesus zealously communicated His passion to a world of needy people.  The Lord Jesus created a contagious faith!

The Christian faith has grown rapidly during the past two thousand years since Jesus walked this earth.  When Christians gather to worship, they create a contagious atmosphere with singing and praying in one accord.  During times of religious persecution, Christianity has gained strength and grown in significantly larger numbers.

From God’s nature of pure love and holiness, we are naturally drawn to worship Him.  We are His creation, His workmanship; created in His own image. Therefore, we become family; brothers and sisters in Christ.  When we gather, exuberance is expressed from worshipping among the family of God.


One who believes in God and claims Him as Lord of His life, invites Jesus to live in his heart.  God hears and answers prayer, as well as providing guidance and protection in all areas of our lives.  As a result we yearn to worship and serve Him, creating a spiritual vitality.  God consistently proves His faithfulness to each of us.  We respond to His love and trustworthiness with our most ardent worship. 

Do you project a passionate faith in God, communicating His love and grace to others?  Do you convey a profound, palpable trust in your Lord?  If so, then perhaps you would be interested in developing a contagious faith, proliferating God’s love wherever you go.  You have the capacity to create a dynamic spiritual epidemic of worldwide proportions!

Pat, thank you so much for allowing me to share your writing with my readers!