Evening Wolves

Tuesday’s Make Music in Your Heart post was a complete surprise to me. When I posted about having to take a break from blogging for a little while, I forgot that I had scheduled that particular post. However, as I have said before (and I’m quoting my friend Donna here):

God wastes nothing

and He knew I would need to read it exactly when I did! I had no idea when I started this break that not only would I be struggling with a flare but that I would end up sitting in the ER with my sweet Rick, who was in a lot of pain. Now he and I are cruising the road to recovery together.

So I’m not back to blogging full time yet, but in keeping with my Habakkuk series, I will be posting Habakkuk devotionals from teachers and preachers. You can read How Long, O Lord, the first of my Habakkuk devotionals, here. This month and next, I’ll share devotionals about the first chapter of this prophetic book.

Today’s devotional is by Charles Spurgeon.



Their horses also are swifter than the leopards,
and are more fierce than the evening wolves:
and their horsemen shall spread themselves,
and their horsemen shall come from far;
they shall fly as the eagle that hasteth to eat.
—Habakkuk 1:8


September 10th — Evening Reading

by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

“Evening wolves.” — Habakkuk 1:8

While preparing the present volume, this particular expression recurred to me so frequently, that in order to be rid of its constant importunity I determined to give a page to it.

The evening wolf, infuriated by a day of hunger, was fiercer and more ravenous than he would have been in the morning. May not the furious creature represent our doubts and fears after a day of distraction of mind, losses in business, and perhaps ungenerous tauntings from our fellow men?

How our thoughts howl in our ears, “Where is now thy God?”

How voracious and greedy they are, swallowing up all suggestions of comfort, and remaining as hungry as before. Great Shepherd, slay these evening wolves, and bid Thy sheep lie down in green pastures, undisturbed by insatiable unbelief.

How like are the fiends of hell to evening wolves, for when the flock of Christ are in a cloudy and dark day, and their sun seems going down, they hasten to tear and to devour. They will scarcely attack the Christian in the daylight of faith, but in the gloom of soul conflict they fall upon him.

O Thou who hast laid down Thy life for the sheep, preserve them from the fangs of the wolf.

false-teachersFalse teachers who craftily and industriously hunt for the precious life, devouring men by their false-hoods, are as dangerous and detestable as evening wolves. Darkness is their element, deceit is their character, destruction is their end.

We are most in danger from them when they wear the sheep’s skin.

Blessed is he who is kept from them, for thousands are made the prey of grievous wolves that enter within the fold of the church.

What a wonder of grace it is when fierce persecutors are converted, for then the wolf dwells with the lamb, and men of cruel ungovernable dispositions become gentle and teachable.

O Lord, convert many such: for such we will pray to-night.




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