She’s baaack…finally! [Repost]


On July 8th, almost a month ago, I posted about needing to take a break from the blogging life. I thought it would be only a week or two, but the “stuff” of my life got totally out of hand and day after day slipped by. However, I’m baaack!!!

Things started out with the horrifyingly sad news about the line-of-duty deaths of the 19 Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshots while fighting the Yarnell fire. There was only one survivor and that was because he was the assigned lookout that day.

On top of that horrible news, the wonderful and crazy part of my month. First, my son, Alan, and two of his firefighter buddies from Dallas came to stay here for a few nights in order to attend and take part in the memorial service for those 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots. Then just as they left,, my daughter, Kathy, arrived for a few days’ visit while she was on vacation.

Wonderful? Absolutely! Crazy? Well, for me it was that, but only because any kind of extra activity—fun or not—greatly impacts my health. I have said many times before that good stress as well as bad stress affects me, and let’s just say that I spent the rest of July recovering.

Would I change any of it? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I loved having each and every one of them here! Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some of what happened during my eventful July, a little at a time.

Let me start today with one of the big reasons I haven’t been here in awhile. I’ve been thinking on and praying over things that I saw and heard regarding the deaths of those 19 Hotshots…and aspects of fires (including wildfires) and firefighters in general.

yarnell19-2I have found myself very weepy at times as I contemplate how the families of those 19 fallen firefighters are feeling. They must be reeling from the sudden loss, and that hurts my heart so much. Just this alone made me physically and emotionally weary, which is enough to set off a CFIDS/FMS flare.

My eyes kept “leaking” (the sweet way Rick refers to my crying) as I thought about the significance of the way I prayed for Alan’s salvation for so many years—that God would do whatever He needed to do to get Alan’s attention. And I wept as I prayed this many times over the years because I realized that God could well allow Alan to be severely injured in the line of duty.

One thing we talked about while he was here is that God did indeed use a fire several years ago to get Alan’s complete attention, but thankfully he was not injured in the process. I had never thought about it this way before, and now not one day goes by that I don’t remember that! And praise and thank God for it!

I’d like to leave you today by telling you about a song that was written as a tribute to the 19 fallen Hotshots. Alton Eugene, an Oklahoma man, created “Hope Song” after the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma. When he heard about these 19 brave Hotshots who were killed while fighting the Yarnell fire, he knew his song could serve as a method to mourn and heal. So he made a tribute to the fallen firefighters as a backdrop to his song.

You can view the video at Alton Eugene’s website. There are also links on the Facebook page he created as a tribute. “Hope Song” (2013 Arizona Fires Tribute), by Alton Eugene, is available on iTunes or Amazon and 100% of every download ($0.99) goes to the families and communities affected by the Yarnell wildfire.

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

—John 15:13



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