Happy Anniversary to my Beloved!

Today marks 16 years since Rick and I were married in a covenant ceremony. Like all married couples, we have had our ups and downs, but through it all one thing never wavers: the love God instilled in us for each other. He brought us together and only through Him are we complete. You can read the story of our meeting and courtship here.

This collage shows only a few of the memories we’ve shared over the years. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are ever thankful for each other. Even though my activities these days are dependent on how I feel and how often I can get out to do things with Rick, we still have a strong love and that certain peace that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7). As long as we continue to look to Jesus as the head of our marriage and our eternal Hope, He continues to bless us beyond anything we can imagine!


To my beloved Rick, the other half of my orange: I love you so much! Your continuous and undeniable love for me are truly God’s gift to someone who has always had some trouble thinking of herself as lovable. 

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine… —Song of Solomon 6:3


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6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to my Beloved!

  1. Congratulations, Anna and Rick! Yours is truly an arranged marriage, arranged by the King! You mention the ups and downs, but the ups have prevailed. Amazing love how can it be? Because the King loved you both enough to share His love together. Your love has blessed many of us too…. Me especially.


    • And you were there with me through it all, Donna! I am so thankful for your guidance and prayers throughout Rick’s and my courtship — not to mention allowing us to be married in your home — and look where we are today. God ordained our meeting and marriage, and continues to bless us abundantly. Every day and in every way we seek to share God’s goodness to us for His glory. We never get tired of sharing how our marriage came to be. Here’s to another 16 or 26 or… however many years God has planned for us! Love you!!!


      • Your marriage is unique in so many ways. Many times I have used your courtship and marriage as a role model to share with others who are contemplating their compatibility to marry. Since ones life partner is so vital, it is imperative for people to be vigilant when choosing to marry, not only looking at the outward appearances and I don’t only mean Persoanl appearance. And I watched you two do just that. In the natural, with the obstacles of long distance, Rick’s disablilities, there was so much to consider. As I began to get to know Rick, it became clear to me the women who never looked past those small physical limitations were shortsighted. But God had hand chosen you for him and him for you, just as He ordained, you are blessed.


        • Thank you, Donna. We both know it was all of grace because we didn’t just follow our hearts but looked to God to see if HE had this in mind for us. To Him be the glory! Yes, we are abundantly blessed!


  2. Congratulations! i am happy for both of you, may God continue to keep you both in His wonderful care and peace and joy fill all corners of your hearts and home.. CHEERS!! 🙂


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