Soter Global Ministries: 2015 Albania Medical Mission Trip

Alan 2008Today I want to share something special with you about my son, Alan Romania. That’s him in the photo on the left.

Alan is a Fire Captain/Paramedic for Guadalupe Fire Department in Guadalupe, Arizona. For several years he has also been involved with Soter Global Ministries, Inc. in developing an EMT training system in Albania. 

On March 24th, Alan will leave for his next mission, which will be to teach the first EMT course in Albania. Over a seven-week period, this course will transition nurses to paramedic-like providers.

Alan has set up a Fundly account for donations toward his expenses while on this mission trip. Please think and pray about donating to his Fundly account. The link and information for this is below. 

The photo below shows the Soter Global rescue squad, and is from last year’s mission trip to Albania. Alan is standing in the front row wearing his red fire helmet. Soter’s mission:

Saving lives in the temporal. Saving lives for the eternal.

Soter Global Ministries Seeks to Advance Christ through the Development of Health-Care Systems.

God is truly using these men and women from Soter Global to fill a real medical need as they also share the Gospel.


From Alan Romania’s Fundly Campaign wall:

Developing Emergency Medical Services to Albania

Alan Romania in red polo shirt (center of photo) with Albania EMS students and Soter Global mission team.

Help send Alan Romania to Albania to continue the development of their Emergency Medical System by teaching the very first EMT course in Albania, transitioning Nurses to Paramedic like Providers over a 7 week mission.

Beloved, thank you for allowing me to share this bit of personal information with you. I am so thankful for Alan and all who are serving with Soter Global to help the Albanians learn how to provide better medical care while sharing the Gospel message with love.

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