God’s Presence in Pain


Scripture reminds us that God’s presence does not equal
pain’s absence.
However, because of God’s presence,
pain’s potency
is limited.
Difficult times may certainly lead to dark days,
but dark days need not mean defeat.
Ask God to give you strength to call on Him,
even in the darkest moments of life.

Begin this day crying out to the Lord.
Wait expectantly for His answer and trust His presence.
—Paul Purvis, 
First Baptist Church Temple Terrace
Temple Terrace, FL


2 thoughts on “God’s Presence in Pain

  1. When we suffer from pain, no matter what may cause it, all we can do is cry out to the Lord for relief and trust Him to see us through it.
    As someone who lives with constant daily pain with arthritis and fibromyalgia and migraines it certainly is a struggle but all I can do is put my trust in God !


    • Amen, Donna. I often wonder how people who don’t know Jesus as their Savior get through days and years of pain. It is only through Jesus and the hope we have in and through Him that I am able to make it through each day.


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