It’s Not About the Nail

This humorous short video goes along well with my “Marriage Triangle” series which is published at The Relevant Christian Magazine (TRC).

HeresHowToFixThatHoney--AMPI’m guessing most of us wives have gone to our husbands at various times to tell them about something that is hurting or frustrating us, or maybe we’re trying to make an important decision. As we pour our hearts out to our husband, it makes us feel better to work through all the thoughts running through our heads by sharing our feelings with him.

And the first thing he does is tell us how to fix the problem.

God made our husbands to be fixers. They are men of action, awesome at brainstorming solutions to problems. But as women, we don’t want our husbands to necessarily suggest ways of fixing the situation. We just want them to listen to us, tell us they understand, and let us cry on their shoulder. Ladies, am I right?

Please enjoy this cute video titled “It’s Not About the Nail.” As real as the message is, I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle out of it like I did.