The closer His embrace


He has chosen not to heal me,
but to hold me.
The more intense the pain,
the closer His embrace.
-Joni Eareckson Tada, A Place of Healing:
Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering,
Pain, and God’s Sovereignty

4 thoughts on “The closer His embrace

  1. Thank you, Anna. A dear friend of mine, who recently received a miracle of healing in his own life, has been struggling with why I have continued in my infirmity for so long and have not been healed. Sadly to say, he is beginning to sound like one of Job’s false comforters. Your quote from Joni today has really helped me. Thank you.


    • Raymond, I’m so glad Joni’s quote comforted you as it did me. I have also experienced what you’re going through with your friend. My response to that is that God has seen fit to keep me in this position for His own reasons, similar to what Paul and the disciples went through while working to spread the Gospel message. And who am I to question God’s intent for my life since it is not about me but all about Him? Be blessed today, Raymond. I am continuing to pray for you.


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