Why Jesus Was Hated and Put to Death

This is a wonderful article about Kevin DeYoung’s blog post, “Why Did They Hate Jesus?” by Randy Alcorn on his Eternal Perspective Ministries blog.

Why Jesus Was Hated and
Put to Death

By Randy Alcorn

I’ve shared before my appreciation for pastor and writer Kevin DeYoung’s blog, as well as for his books, including The Hole in Our Holiness, What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality?, and his children’s book The Biggest Story.

With Good Friday and Easter upon us, Kevin recently posted an answer to the question, “Why did they hate Jesus?” It’s common to hear people focus solely on the compassion and love of Jesus, and neglect the other parts of His character, including His holiness and wrath, sovereignty and lordship. Jesus was indeed a friend of sinners, but He was crucified for much more than that. The gentle, compassionate Jesus is also the Jesus who drove the merchant-thieves from the Temple and spoke condemnation against self-righteous religious leaders. Were Jesus as meek and mild and utterly tolerant as many think, He never would have been crucified. But His less popular qualities so outraged people that they nailed Him to a cross.

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5 thoughts on “Why Jesus Was Hated and Put to Death

  1. Wonderful and true message…but then He is the Son of God! And yet with a single prayer on the cross, Father forgive them for they know not what they do…with the greatest act in history sacrificing His life for us all. And with that love which poured out with his blood, he allows many to receive a special healing change in their lives which can continually blossom, teaching others not to hate, but love each other as they would love their selves…he revealed their sins to them and they could not stand to be in his presence because of their sins. And for many His truth has set them free! God bless you for what you share with the Spirit which lives in your heart and soul! I enjoyed your message!


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