HOPE for Every Day


2016 was the year of JOY for me, in which I shared daily posts about JOY on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I also have a few friends who asked me to share these posts via email. I truly enjoyed delving further into the Bible to find so many JOY posts. I love that whenever I write about something, God also teaches me through it.

I’ve been praying about what 2017’s theme will be and realized that JOY and HOPE go hand in hand. We live in such turbulent times. We finally get over one difficult situation and feel like we can be calm and peaceful again, when WHAM! Something else hits us. Our days start to feel like those mammoth tsunami waves that come crashing over us again and again.

The image above is an acronym for HOPE that came from my friend Pat Knight. Isn’t it the truth! I’ll be writing about HOPE here from time to time as well, and today I’m starting off  by sharing this quote:

“The Christmas message is that there is
HOPE for a ruined humanity–
HOPE of pardon,
HOPE of peace with God,
HOPE of glory–
because at the Father’s will Jesus became poor,
and was born in a stable so that
thirty years later He might hang on a cross.”

–J.I. Packer

12 thoughts on “HOPE for Every Day

  1. I LOVE this and i too have been reading and studying a lot about JOY and HOPE. I too posted about JOY today 🙂 It sometimes takes work to see the good in life itself especially in hard times but with practice and God’s help it is possible. I think the most important thing to do is share this with others so that they too may experience God’s love, peace, joy and blessings. Bless you!


    • I just visited your site and am now following you. It seems we have quite a bit in common — loving and living for Jesus, chronic pain illness, struggling at times to figure out how God will use us for His glory. I am always thankful that I can count on the JOY and HOPE of the Lord to get me through each day… sometimes each minute! God bless you also!


      • Yes we do! I think I am already following you but will check to make sure. One of my favorite verses is… and let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not lose heart. Galations6:9 bless you!


        • Okay I just looked at your page with my laptop and was able to navigate better. I didn’t realize that we had so much in common when I simply commented on your blog! I would love to write a devotional book one day using my journals and favorite scriptures. Maybe you will be great inspiration for me to do that! Was it hard for you to open up about the real pains and limitations of the disease at first? It was very difficult for me. My blog today was actually the first time I have given the people on Facebook a chance to see just how weak and vulnerable this disease has made me but at the same time just how much strength, peace and joy i have received as well. Its hard to share some of these things but i do think God keeps pressing me to share them for a real reason other than to overcome my fear of people seeing me as a weak pitiful person. i know he has a plan even when mine goes all wrong and this is the season of me learning to TRUST his plan!


          • The decision to talk about my pain illnesses on my blog stemmed from writing devotionals for an online chronic pain ministry. It was/is about showing how God can get us through the really tough times if we fully rely on Him. There are days when I stumble in this process, but the Lord is always there to comfort and remind me that He will walk me through whatever it is I’m going through. I have mostly learned to not dwell on what I can’t do any more and instead focus on what the Lord gives me to do, such as my blog. God does not see you or me as weak and pitiful. He sees us as His children who can share our stories with the world to showcase His glory!


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