Contributing Writers

Pat Knight

If you’ve been around this blog for awhile, you’ll recognize the name Patricia Knight because she has graciously allowed me to share some of her devotionals here from time to time. Now Pat has agreed to contribute to my blog on a monthly basis, so it seemed appropriate to tell you a little bit about her.

As I’ve shared here before, I consider Pat to be one of my Christian mentors. She is my far-away friend whom I met online in 2003 when we were both writing devotionals for the same online chronic illness ministry. Although Pat and I have never met in person, we share such a strong love for the Lord that our bond of friendship has strengthened immeasurably over the years.

Pat and I have spoken by phone a few times but our daily lives don’t mesh well enough to make it possible very often. We live on opposite sides of the country so there is that 2-3 hour time difference. We also each endure chronic pain illnesses so our awake times are very different. Even though Pat lives with extreme pain most of the time, her constant encouragement and thoroughly trusting dependence on the Lord have shown me how to live joyfully no matter how I feel.

Pat is the author of REJOICE! and PURE JOY, two books filled with joyful devotionals. Besides having written encouraging devotionals for an online chronic illness ministry, she currently maintains a ministry of handwritten encouraging notes for those who are hurting. I have been blessed many times over the years with one of Pat’s beautiful notes!

Donna Baker

Donna is my other Christian mentor.  She came into my life way back in 1995 and although we have lived hundreds of miles apart at times, every time we get together it’s as if we just saw each other the day before. Like Pat, Donna doesn’t need to live nearby because she constantly lives in my heart. She has blessed me not only with the gift of friendship but also with her fully alive faith and love for her Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Donna is the one whose example I followed all those years ago when my faith was greatly tested in the wake of two years of devastating events in my life. She was the one I turned to as I rededicated my life to the Lord and then was baptized. I had never done a Bible study before, but I followed Donna’s example and threw myself wholeheartedly into Bible reading and study. I have always been thankful for her patient guidance and sound Biblical knowledge.

Donna has shown me how to truly live for Christ—in spite of the circumstances—because of her utter dependence on God and her belief that He always knows best. She daily shows her love for and trust in God, and completely relies on Him to lead as she travels both the mountains and valleys in her life.

Tammi Rhoney

I am happy to announce the addition of a new writer to my team. Tammi Rhoney and I met online years ago when we both wrote for the same chronic illness site, as did Pat Knight.

Like me, Tammi lives with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and because she is also homebound much of the time, she appreciates being able to minister to people through her photography. She also writes for a couple of other sites.

Tammi loves Jesus, butterflies, bird watching, photography, sewing and stenciling. Her favorite seasons are spring and fall. She is an avid bird watcher and enjoys taking photos of wildlife and flowers. Tammi and her husband Todd live in North Carolina with Mini, their miniature dachshund.

Tammi also writes for Chronic Joy and The Lord’s Special Flock, an online monthly newsletter for the chronically ill. You can view her photos on her Tammi Rhoney Photography Facebook page

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