Pat Knight

Pat’s contributions to this blog 

Rose of Sharon

Love Song

Kids and Kindness

Attentive Listening

Bleating of the Sheep

Joy’s Grandeur

Great Expectations

Heart Treasures

Magnificent Multi-Tasking

Thanksgiving for the Thankworthy

Follow or Retreat

Radiance of Glory

Taunts and #Trust

Complimented By Sheep

Excuses, Excuses…

Revive to Thrive

Busy Bodies

Divine Protector

Storms of Life

Perfection and Deception

Magnificence from Insignificance

Faithful, Fabulous Promises

Worrywart or #Worry Not

Mud, Fun, and Worship

Perilous Poison

As it Begins

Let the Heavens Rejoice!

Wholehearted #Faith


Crushed but not Broken



Complex Creativity

Mother Mink

Buzzard, Bat, and Bumblebee

Heads Roll

A Lovely Rose

A Dead Branch

Renewed Strength

The Gift of Life

A Feast of Joy (Repost)

Living Water

Hope is Alive

Sovereign Encounter

Giants Tower; Grasshoppers Cower

Quell Life’s Storms

Apathy Stifles Joy

Sovereign Technology

Never Changing; Always New

Sink Like a Rock, Float Like a Cork

Red Stained Purity

Wonders of the World

An Old Telephone

Within the Bud

Godliness + Contentment

Fearful Hands

Humility or Pride

Ultimate Strength

A Feast of Joy

Prayer Is …

The Month of March

Tax Time


Joy Inexpressible, Part 2

Joy Inexpressible, Part 1 

Beneath His Wings

A Splinter Tells All

God is Hope

Cast Your Cares

Finishing Well

Carry Me

Give Credit Where Due

How Many Cows

Victory Over Circumstances

God is the great I AM

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