All Things Possible

AllThingsArePossible--Matt19-26As I’ve shared with you recently, life has been rough for me these days. I often feel like this is a new, never-ending season.

Lately I have often felt like I don’t have much to smile about. Those of you who have lived with a shingles breakout know what I mean. So many sleepless nights, or nights when I can only get a 1/2 hour to an hour’s sleep at a time. And that’s just the night! Days … hours … minutes … of seemingly relentless pain, but not “just” pain—we’re talking about pain accompanied by burning and stabbing sensations, and feeling like bugs are crawling on you. Since one of my big problem areas involves my left ear, inside and out, this kind of stuff repeatedly wakes me up from a sound sleep!

Well, I think I’ve made it through the roughest part of this outbreak. My case involves my trigeminal nerve area on the left sidetrigeminal-nerve of my face. If you look at me now, you can barely tell what’s going on inside of me. The blisters/lesions have almost completely disappeared, but there is still a lot happening to my nerves that can’t be seen. I started a steroid regimen yesterday that I hope will help get rid of the remaining pain and perhaps even keep me from having a recurrence in the future, as is common with shingles.

And yet, although I am not very good at smiling through the pain, God has filled me with such joy lately that I can’t help but smile. Take last night for example. I kept waking up with that nerve pain and itching, and had trouble getting back to sleep. The chorus of a wonderful praise song kept running through my mind, something that is short and sweet and easy for me to remember:

I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice
To worship you, Oh my soul rejoice!
Take joy, my King, in what you hear
May it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear…

I often silently sing myself to sleep with this chorus, but last night I was trying hard to remember the chorus to a different song I’ve been enjoying lately and just couldn’t remember it. I drifted off to sleep again for maybe 1/2 hour, and when I awoke there was that other chorus playing loud and sweetly in my head. I absolutely had to smile because God is so faithful and knew I wanted to remember the song so I could sing that one to Him too.

The song I tried so hard to remember and that the Lord blessed me with is “All Things Possible” by Mark Schultz. Here’s the chorus (technically the bridge, but it’s all the same to me):

My God is strong and mighty
My God is faithful
My hope is in the Lord
For He is able

Beloved, I am here today to remind you that our God is absolutely faithful and will provide exactly what we need exactly when we need it. All we need to do is hold on tight and trust that He is strong, mighty, faithful, able… and a host of other awesome adjectives!

Here’s the video of the Mark Schultz song, “All Things Possible”:

In case you have trouble viewing this video, here are the complete song lyrics:

All Things Possible

By Mark Schultz, from his latest album All Things Possible

I will call on Your name
For there’s always a way
When You lead me
And when life knocks me down
I am not counted out
For You’re with me
And You’re with me

Even when it feels like the light is fading
And I’ve lost my way
Still I’m holding on to the One who’s making
All things possible

Even when it feels like my heart is breaking
Hold on, there is strength
Knowing I belong to the One who’s making
All things possible

I know mountains can move
I’ve seen what You can do
In my weakness
So my heart will believe
If I wait I will see
My God doing, what only He can do

My God is strong and mighty
My God is faithful
My hope is in the Lord
For He is able

Smile, Beloved! I’m singing this for all of us today!



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