Wonderful Wednesday

Today’s bit of Wednesday wonderfulness for me is that I get to have a manicure and a haircut. It sounds trivial, I know, especially in the grand scheme of things. But for someone who is not able to get out often, this kind of girly day is really appreciated.

My fingernails have a tendency to split and break so I went back to acrylics a few months ago. Now I absolutely love the way my nails look after they’re fixed up again.

As for my hair, it only needs a bit of trimming today. Since it is naturally curly and fine and cut in layers, it needs to be trimmed every couple of months to maintain the style. I made the big decision earlier this year to cut off quite a lot of length but it’s easier for me to maintain in the smooth style I prefer. You know how it is: those of us born with curly hair long for straight hair; if we have straight hair, we yearn for those curls. I guess we’re just never satisfied!

So, from me to you, enjoy this Wonderful Wednesday as much as you can, no matter what your circumstances. And may this day be a bright spot in your week!