Chronic Illness

So let me start by telling you a bit about my health issues: fibromyalgia (FMS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) (often called chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, CFIDS) and chronic daily migraines. The symptoms of these usually intermingle so that often I have no idea which illness is causing whatever it is that I’m feeling.

I’ll be exploring and sharing with you what I have learned and continue to learn about these and other chronic illnesses. I hope you will feel comfortable enough to share with me and my readers what you’ve learned in your own journey through chronic illness.

Life is hard. That is an indisputable fact. But life is also a gift and an adventure, even with chronic illness in the picture. Every new day is a gift that we get to unwrap. What we do with it after that is up to us and can make the difference between merely surviving or thriving.

Don’t get me wrong — I have both “survival” and “thriving” days, but I try to thrive more than merely survive. Sometimes it’s a deliberate act of the will, including lots of prayer to get me through. I have finally learned that the days I used to call “wasted” are not that at all because God wastes nothing.

See you back here soon!

4 thoughts on “Chronic Illness

    • Denise, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Reminding myself that God can use our pain for His gain (I love that phrase, btw!) is something I have to do often because the pain often overshadows what I know to be true. But as a very wise friend once told me, God wastes nothing! And that’s what I hang onto…

      Blessings to you and yours!


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