20 Ways to Cope With a Chronic Illness

by Bridget Gazlay

  1. Find someone to confide in (friend, counselor, pastor)
  2. Spend time in prayer or meditation
  3. Journal about your ups and downs
  4. Tears are okay — let yourself grieve
  5. Live one day at a time
  6. Set realistic goals (don’t think about how you used to be, how are you now?)
  7. Don’t plan too far ahead (not so frustrating when you need to make a change)
  8. SIMPLIFY! (enough said)
  9. Ask for help (it may be hard for you, but a blessing for others)
  10. Be still (it’s okay to rest when your body needs it)
  11. Find new creative outlets (writing, music, art, prayer)
  12. Don’t expect perfection
  13. The dishes can wait!
  14. Stick up for yourself (with physicians, family or friends)
  15. Get a second opinion (never feel guilty for doing this; it’s your life!)
  16. Research “lightly” (do enough to know what you’re dealing with and that’s it’; there is no textbook case!)
  17. Share your pain (support groups, devotional writing)
  18. Use your time wisely (you can’t get it back once it’s gone)
  19. Laugh, laugh, laugh
  20. Be positive (attitude does make a difference)

Bridget Gazlay is a freelance writer and artist (and is also chronically ill). She resides in West Michigan. More information: www.pfccreations.com.





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