I love to crochet! I think anyone with a penchant for crocheting or knitting enjoys buying yarn when it is on sale. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a good bargain?

After a bit of time, all these skeins of yarn turn into a stash, which then usually ends up controlling a room or closet. I was no different and my yarns were stored in various grocery bags and canvas totes in my office: on the floor, in corners and in the closet. It was way out of control until a couple of years ago when I realized I needed some kind of organization. So I decided to turn my office closet into a yarn closet:

As you can see, I hit on the idea of using hanging shelves that are meant to store sweaters and other articles of clothing. I sorted the yarn by color (mostly) and have been super pleased with how well this has worked. Some of the sections house variegated color yarns and some contain ongoing projects that I pick up once in a while in between other projects.

It always makes me happy to be able to see everything at once, especially when I’m planning a new crochet project.


3 thoughts on “Crochet

  1. Love the colours in the granny square. I’ve made some large squares like this before but never with quite so many colours as this. Perhaps I’ll try that one day. Would love to see it also done with a variety of brighter colours, yellow’s, oranges, greens…… The lapghans are such a wonderful idea, and also great for senior’s .

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    • Donna, I also think the bright colors would make a pretty lapghan. I’m also thinking of making this pattern using up my scrap basket of yarn bits and pieces. I make lapghans more than larger afghans for a local rehab center. When patients leave, they are given a lapghan to take home to use in their wheelchair or recliner or whatever.

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