Ministry Crochet Projects

For several years I’ve been keeping busy crocheting lapghans as therapy, plus it serves as a ministry. Somehow the process of crocheting seems to keep me from totally focusing on my pain. I have several patterns—some from actual patterns and some I make up as I go along—but they all have one thing in common: they are quick and easy to work up.

I normally buy my yarn on sale so I choose the colors for each lapghan from my stash. Here’s a photo of my yarn closet taken a couple of years ago:

YarnStashCloset2I don’t have any more recent photos of this but the colors (and amounts of colors) changes almost monthly as I purchase new yarn. I try to keep it color coded but sometimes there is not enough room for a certain color in a certain cubicle so I have to mix things up a bit.

Here are photos of the lapghans I’ve remembered to photograph. Most are donated to several ministries but a few of these I’ve made for our home. The American flag one was donated to the local ALR (American Legion Riders) for them to auction off to raise needed funds.

If the throw in question was made from a pattern, I’ve included the the link to the pattern. Simply click on the photo which will open it in a popup kind of window, and the link will be below it there for you to click on.

One of the patterns that I particular like is called a “Granny’s Treasure Afghan.” Check out the pattern photo:


I’ve made this up using several color combinations which you can see below, but you can read about the first one I made here.

I’ll try to keep this page updated as often as possible.

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