Faith Living

Life just doesn’t make sense and we often wonder how to get through each day. Unemployment, illness, death, cataclysmic weather — any one of these is enough to cut us down. How can we possibly get through any of this?

Yes, life is not fair. We’ve all said it and heard this phrase many times but it still doesn’t make us feel any better when we’re struggling with the reality of our tough existence. We are told to just get over it, keep on going, don’t give up. How? How can we possibly live through one more horrible, painful, terrible day?

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do know this: living by and in faith works for me. I admit that this is not easy. In fact, it’s downright impossible without God in my life.I know — I’ve “been there, done that” and failed miserably.

The fact is that God is our hope in hopeless situations, our lifeline in the worst of times and our comfort when absolutely everything seems to be going wrong. He may not provide all the answers as to the “why” of what’s going on in our lives, but He always knows what is best for us!


One thought on “Faith Living

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