Pink Stuff

Did you know that I’m a pink girl? I came to this somewhat late in my life but, well, here I am. I like all shades of pink but my favorite is coral pink. 

Here’s a photo of me taken about 8 years ago wearing that color:

I was thinking about this pink thing of mine and figure there must be other pink girls out there, so this page is dedicated to us pink girls. I’ll be sharing all kinds of pink stuff with you here and hope you enjoy this process as much as I know I will.

So, for my first pink pick, I fell in love with this Pink Ombre Swirl Cake:

Doesn’t it look luscious? You can find the recipe at the Glorious Treats blog, along with lots of other mouth-watering recipes and crafty kinds of tips.



P.S. I want Glory (of the Glorious Treats blog) to come bake for me!

2 thoughts on “Pink Stuff

  1. Mom, I love this cake. Even the layers are different shades of pink. Wouldn’t this make a wonderful birthday cake for a pink girl? You have about nine months to perfect it :-D.

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