Crochet Sweetness


I came across this pattern for a sweet crochet bouquet while browsing one of my favorite crochet pattern sites, Lily SugarnCream. Their cotton yarns are wonderful to work with and come in a variety of yummy colors.

I think this bouquet is so sweet and cute that I might just make it myself! Unless I buy flowers at the grocery store (which my frugal self only does a couple of times a year), the vases in my home are filled with silk flowers because I no longer have the urge for a flower garden. And even if I did still garden, I have a notorious “brown” thumb, so it’s better that I stick with silk.

So, please check out this pattern and take the time to browse the site for more ideas at Lily SugarnCream. For you knitters, they also have many knitting patterns!

Pink Mishmash


Here’s a mishmash of pink photos/images for your pink mishmash viewing enjoyment. I like this idea so much that you can look forward to future mishmashes of other colors. I know, I’ve said many times that I’m a pink girl. But I guess I have to admit that there are other colors, and since that’s true, I guess I need to pay them some sort of attention too!