Frugal Jar and Bottle Decorating

Today’s Frugal Friday is brought to you via Katherine’s Corner, one of my favorite blogs. One of her recent blog posts was called “That’s Jarring,” and really got my attention.

You see, Rick recently surprised me with a blue glass bottle he found at a yard sale. I decided to use it for olive oil and display it next to my stove so I immediately put it in the dishwasher to clean it out properly. Sadly, the dishwasher destroyed the shiny finish but I didn’t want to trash it. I’ve been looking for a frugal way to fix it up so I can still use it and I found the perfect way when I read “That’s Jarring.”

Here’s the before of my sad blue bottle:

As you can hopefully see, the stopper was not affected because I did not put it in the dishwasher too. Here’s a glimpse from Katie’s blog post that gave me the idea of how to make this bottle look much better:

Now all I need to do is buy some twine, which is on my shopping list. When I finish this project, I’ll update this post with my “after” pics. Here is another sweet and frugal idea from Katie’s post:

So, please stop by Katherine’s Corner to see and read more of her “Jarring” post, including great pics and links to other sites with ideas about repurposing jars and bottles. Oh, stick around there awhile and you’ll also find other craft projects, recipes, giveaways and lots more.

Thanks, Katie, for the great idea!

Frugal Pillow Trim


On this Frugal Friday I want to share something sweet and easy to make.

As I was browsing the pattern section on Red Heart’s site, I came across this super-easy and cute idea for adding some flair to pillows. This is very easy to crochet from Red Heart’s pattern but I’m thinking this could also be knit. Or how about sewing it with some pretty fabric?

How easy peasy it would be to take a neutral color pillow and change up the heart trim to reflect different seasons or holidays!

Frugal Clock Decorating


Today’s Frugal Friday offering is courtesy of my daughter. I bought two of these plain pink wall clocks on a clearance sale at Bed Bath & Beyond last year for $1.99 each. Both Kathy and I love pink so I gave her one of the clocks and hoped she would like it as much as I did.

Kathy is wonderful at decorating and has the gift of visualizing things as they could be. And then she does what it takes to turn the could-be into a special and cute reality. She already had some of these embellishments and spent about $3.00 for the rest. Isn’t the final result the cutest thing?

I simply saw a pink clock but Kathy saw the potential in the plain clock and with a few pink and girly details, made it her own without spending much.

Thanks, Kathy, for allowing me to share this here so others could see how simple it is to prettify a plain utilitarian clock into a visually appealing piece of art.



I saw this in the December issue of Good Housekeeping magazine and think it’s such a cute and inexpensive way to decorate for Christmas, especially if you shop the after-Christmas sales at hobby and craft stores.

Here’s what the article had to say:

All it takes is ribbon to turn everyday pillows into extra-festive accents this holiday. Choose a shade that complements the cushions you have—we loved classic red with green, but metallic hues work with anything. Then cut a length about five times the pillow’s width (for our 20-inch-square one, we cut 100 inches). Wrap like a gift, as shown, with a bow in the center, and snip out a V at each end.

Too cute!