Curls, curls, curls!

Tidbit Tuesday


As you can see from the photo above—which is a couple of months old—I’m back to wearing my hair in its naturally curly state. I can still wear a straighter ‘do if I’m up to it, but it takes so much energy for me to get it into a straight look:

  • set it on those giant rollers
  • wait for it to dry (which seems to take forever)
  • unwrap my hair from one roller at a time, blow drying each one to ensure the hair is completely dry
  • use my straight iron on each curl to make even more sure it is dry and also to straighten it more
  • brush out my hair
  • use said straight iron again on the areas that refused to cooperate all those other times
  • finally done!

All this is extremely difficult for me these days, especially when you throw in the added problem of arthritis in my shoulders.

So what’s a gal to do? Go back to what God gave me! After 60-some years, I have decided to finally embrace my natural curls. Sad that it had to take so long, huh?

How about you ladies out there? Are you happy with your hair the way it naturally is or do you change things up a lot?


Thankful Thursday

I woke up with my usual migraine plus allover aches because of the weather, so I have to admit I’ve been struggling with this today. I’ve designated Thursdays as “thankful” days but I woke up feeling so yucky it was almost impossible to think clearly, let alone come up with something to be thankful for today. But… God is always faithful and because I asked, He brought these to mind (in no particular order):

  • a warm home
  • my loving and lovable hubby
  • C O F F E E !
  • close friends who will be coming over for coffee a little later
  • my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ
  • my two grown children
  • a good hair day
  • Christmas music

Now to try to make this day count for something…

Wonderful Wednesday

Today’s bit of Wednesday wonderfulness for me is that I get to have a manicure and a haircut. It sounds trivial, I know, especially in the grand scheme of things. But for someone who is not able to get out often, this kind of girly day is really appreciated.

My fingernails have a tendency to split and break so I went back to acrylics a few months ago. Now I absolutely love the way my nails look after they’re fixed up again.

As for my hair, it only needs a bit of trimming today. Since it is naturally curly and fine and cut in layers, it needs to be trimmed every couple of months to maintain the style. I made the big decision earlier this year to cut off quite a lot of length but it’s easier for me to maintain in the smooth style I prefer. You know how it is: those of us born with curly hair long for straight hair; if we have straight hair, we yearn for those curls. I guess we’re just never satisfied!

So, from me to you, enjoy this Wonderful Wednesday as much as you can, no matter what your circumstances. And may this day be a bright spot in your week!