Kitchen Woes


This sweet sign hangs on one of my kitchen cupboards. I guess I could have bought the typical “Home Sweet Home” one but this better reflects my strange sense of humor.

Maybe I need to look for one that says “My kitchen is messy because the cleaning fairy hasn’t been here today”… that would be more appropriate and funny too. I try to keep a clean kitchen but you can tell the kind of day I had if my sink is filled with dishes, glasses and mugs filled with water. Case in point:

This sinkful doesn’t look really awful but I took this photo around mid-day yesterday. You should see it now!

I am riding the crest of one of the worst CFIDS flareups ever. CFIDS stands for Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome; sometimes it is called CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). A flareup feels like the most horrible case of the flu you can imagine—as if a semi is driving back and forth many times over my battered body. And in my case, these flares also include vicious migraines.

I like to have things around the house straightened up and put away, so this picture clearly tells my week’s story. Sadly, it doesn’t feel as if this flareup will end any too soon.

At least I take the time to fill everything with water so it’s not such a bad final cleanup… really!

“So do you know when the maid’s coming because it’s getting a little messy.” —Spencer Pratt